Welcome to sonic & co. & spriters high school

high school for sonic & co. & spriters. You can use more than one sprite. You don't even have to go to class unless u want to. Just don't be surprised in a hole appears in one of the walls.Or something like that. This is a high school were anything could happen. Sprites can come and go as they please. Any sprite, any author can join as long as the building remains standing. Blow holes in the wall for all we care. we don't care. just don't blow up the place. BOB THE HEDGHOGY ECHIDNA IS AWESOME!

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Let's,like, parteh?
Let's,like, parteh?

sonic & co. & spriters high school launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of sonic & co. & spriters high school! Comics coming soon!

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